If you are always eager to the theater, and couldn't survive even a day without, then on vacations you could get in touch with it. It is quite easy, there are a couple of possibilities at your choice - first one, annual international ballet and opera festival "Anatolian Fire", and another - show "Troya", both at the city of Aspendos. The difference is that the festival is held on the antic stage, while the "Troya" is shown on the modern stage, not far from the original ruins. Ballet and opera festival begins it's history in 1994. An ancient legend describes the reason for the erection of the amphitheater, it moves us back to the middle of the second century AC. There were two pretender for the marriage with Belkys, king's daughter. To solve the problem, the king invited them to take part in competition - to build something significant and necessary to the city. Amphitheater, total capacity from 12 till 15 thousands people, and a huge aqueduct supplying city with water, appeared as a results of this deal. Pragmatic king was preferred aqueduct, but once, being alone on the upper stairs of the theatre he clearly have heard daring words: "Belkys will be mine", Zenon whispered far below, on the stage. The king was impressed with the acoustics and suggested to each pretender the daughter, just being divided by sword in two. Zenon immediately refused, being sincere in his feelings, and at the same moment, had got Belkis and became the winner.

You are invited to enjoy classical music under the starry roof, exactly in this theatre. Amphitheater in Apendos - perfectly remained architectural monument. Attempts to describe it are useless, same as to describe the music. Especially majestic it is at a sunset. The real scale of the amphitheater is only seen after climbing on the top of the gallery. Amphitheater in its history, had the good fortune to serve as the church and the caravanserai. Such purpose of use garanteed its safety maintained for centuries. Aspendos is located 30-40 km from Antalya so to reach it is not a problem.