Alanya - one of the most popular places among Europeans. Pairs of picky Germans and British aunties with nieces, rampant Dutches with a bunch of kids and a merry Danes, the very young and the elderly, together transform Alanya into a tourist paradise, and do not guess on that matter. Due to their residence here, modern hotels and buildings for those who prefer "real estate at the shore", are built. Shopping malls and numerous restaurants to suit all tastes, are open, discos, water parks and dolphins shows are at their service.

And all it's noisy, colorful and fussy stuff peacefully coexists with quiet and comfort slowness. In the city and its suburbs everyone could find something to his liking: a miniature waterfall in Manavgat, canyon Sapadere, underground palaces, which could be the envy of Aladdin - in Kestel. Castle, hidden in the velvet blackness of the night, and the cave in the heart of Alanya. A little bit aside numerous monuments of the Roman Empire. Other attractions, from jet skiing till paragliding, endless embankments for joggers, with physical trainings sites along the sea side.