We have covered several thousands kilometers across Turkey and want to share our experience and impressions. In fast and vast growing Turkey, traditions of the past are carefully preserved. Located here historical and cultural sights are appreciated as a worldwide treasures, part of them are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. High level of living, strong social security and constant economic development attracts a wide range of people for work and live in Turkey.

We are sure that the best way vacation could ever be, is to turn it into a journey. To discover and explore new sites, to get acknowledged with new friends and learn new habits and ways. Why some days stay unforgettable, while the others just missed ... What for we need impressions? I do not know really why, but we needed them! They paint every our single day, same way as toys make glittering the Christmas trees. We pick up them gently and store carefully. In our expectations for the new ones, we are ready more or less to achieve, or to withstand, or to be waiting for a while, the last one is rather difficult. We are in love with them, trying to hide among them from boring and unpleasant things, and we are gathering them preciously and keep clean and bright like gems. At least, these things help us to be fresh up to the next vacation.
Travelling through Turkey will not cause a lot of problems. Despite a lot of differences between Europe and Turkey, much will seem similar. And you will not need to suffer in the lack of comfort. Even in the smallest villages, far from the tourist centers, you will find a decent hotel and a simple, but fantastically delicious food, and you will be pleasantly surprised with cordial hospitality. In Turkey, you can become the conqueror of mountains and get in touch with the clouds, there are modern, convinient, cable cars at your service.
Paragliding will help you to feel like birds, hovering over the coastline, watching turtles beneath the wings, drifting alone in a small distance from the beaches.
You will be looking around on the top of Nemrut Dag, full of admiration, astonished by the scale of Antiochus I construction.
You'll hold, for a while, your breath when, discover youself in magical mystery of fairytale caves, or present each other a wonderful party near the ancient walls of Alanya fortress, accompanied by moonlight in the starry sky.